is The Standard

AAHA is an organization with a simple mission: to accredit veterinary practices who demonstrate excellence in everything they do. In order to earn accreditation, animal hospitals are routinely inspected and examined on approximately 900 standards of excellence – everything from their hospital layout, to their protocols, to their technology. Because of the exceptionally high standards and voluntary nature of the process, fewer than 15% of veterinary practices in the United States are AAHA accredited. We are proud to be one of the few.

What it Means

We understand what your pet means to you. We know that when you look into their eyes, you see a member of your family. That is why we hold ourselves to a higher standard. The AAHA standard. It means that your pet will receive truly gold-standard medical care. It means they will live a longer, happier, healthier life. And it means that you will feel, in your bones, that you are doing right by them. The bond that you two share is precious. It deserves the best there is.